Chris Sandy

Software and technical engineer with thorough hands-on experience from Testing, QA to Production. I thrive myself on learning new technologies. On my spare time I enjoy building servers just to test and develop ideas running through my mind. I spend much of my free time reading and experimenting.


Skills Highlights

  • Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Bash, csh, sh,Python,Jquery
  • Operating Systems:  Linux (Slackware, Debian, RedHat, S.U.S.E, CentOS,Ubuntu), Solaris 7-10, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Microsoft 2000/2003/2008 Server
  • Connectivity: OC3, T3, T1, ISDN, xDSL, Ethernet, 802.1q, 802.11
  • Web Servers: Apache 2.x, Apache 1.3.x, HTTPD,NGINX, IIS5, IIS4
  • Database Servers: MySQL 5.x, MySQL 4.x, Oracle 10/11g
  • Routers & Networking: Aruba,PulseSecure,Cisco, Juniper, Flowpoint, Netopia, Netscreen, Livingston, Checkpoint, F5
  • Open Source Contributor: phpSupport
  • Environment Systems: VMWare 3.5
  • Applications: Siebel, BackBox, ESX & ESXi,






High School
Abington High School
1. Comcast
Senior Security Engineer
01, 2011 - 01, 1970
• Develop and maintain a MVT system to manage all firewalls and tools deployed though out the network

Developed a RestAPI to interact with Thrift to add Data to LDAP and Active Directory

• Develop and maintain a remote monitoring system to manage and calculate statistics based on length of time to connect, Authenticate, and download for all VPN remote locations

• Develop and maintain portal to generate web proxy statistics

• Develop and maintain security system fault management support procedures for assigned systems

• Develop and maintain security incident management procedures for assigned systems

• Investigate opportunities to update security system capabilities or perform policy updates based upon system performance reports and observed incidents or threats

• Perform configuration updates, such as modifying configurations, signature definitions or implementing new policies

• Perform daily OS and application-level administration for assigned security elements, support regularly schedule maintenance and change requests.

• Provide advanced application-level support for the resolution of security system faults, including system patches and software upgrades

• Respond to security incidents and report on incident handling and resolution

• Ensure timely proactive identification and reporting of security gaps and vulnerabilities to the network infrastructure

• Assist with the preparation of quarterly, monthly, and weekly reports, and trend analysis, based upon network security incidents, faults and performance data

• Assist with exception security audits to verify completeness of security required configurations and verify system hardening

Participate in the post-mortem investigation of catastrophic network security incidents and prepare security incident reports documenting the findings

2. Broadview Networks
Systems Engineer
06, 2006 - 12, 2007
• Maintain and configure 50 Solaris 7/8/9, 20 FreeBSD, 10 Slackware (linux) systems in an ISP environment.

• Monitor and maintain all ISP related software: qmail, Sendmail, BIND, djbdns, Apache, FreeRADIUS, MySQL, etc.

• Work closely with customers regarding high-speed Internet connections, collocation servers,

• Configure and work closely with customers to build IP networks to meet their needs.

• Troubleshooting Cisco and Livingston routers for T1\'s, T3\'s, SDSL, and ISDN.

• Maintain DNS management system for use by employees and ISP customers.

• Maintain Virtual Webserver management system.

3. Merck Inc
Test Environment Engineer
08, 2007 - 12, 2010
• Build and configure Oracle Siebel Environments based on specific applications.

• Configure and manage Unix/HP shell scripts for processing operation data.

• Managing and executing remote scripts using SSH and SCP.

• Manage all change and configuration requests processed.

• Record and document all build and configuration procedures.

• Responsible for maintenance and configuration changes for VMWare 3.5 hosts.

• Configuring and building new servers in a VMware 3.5 environment.

• Migrating data loads from environment to environment.

• Responsible for maintaining Help Desk cases and troubleshooting environment issues.

• Responsible for applying and documenting patches crossed environments.

• Complete builds of Siebel systems and database servers.

• Responsible for configuration and change management for (8) Siebel environments.

4. Lucid Security Corp
Senior Developer and Security Analyst 
05, 2003 - 07, 2007
• Covert installation of security controls and monitoring systems.

• Discreet Insider/Executive/Employee investigations such as Industrial Espionage, extortion, blackmail, theft of Intellectual Property, etc.

• Design and configure Checkpoint firewalls for internal and customer networks.

• Design and extend ipANGEL: an IDS with adaptive intrusion prevention technologies, the primary sustenanceof the company.

• Monitoring Internal and Customer firewalls and servers 24/7 to ensure as little downtime as possible.

• Design and configure 20 UNIX/Solaris servers on demand in production and development environments.

5. NetCarrier Inc
UNIX Software Engineer
01, 2002 - 06, 2004
• Provide Unix Administrative support to software development efforts

• Coordinate software development efforts with the NOC and system administration departments

• Program as needed in PHP, Shell, HTML, Perl, C in variety of applications

• Configure and interface with Unix-oriented services for software projects such as qmail, Radiator, MySQL, OpenLDAP, Apache, OpenSSH , and OpenSSL

• Ability to manage emergencies and scheduled projects / maintenance 24x7 as required in service-provider environment.

• Troubleshooting dialup connections, web hosting, email and many other Internet related problems.